The Cleaners & Excell Cleaners
Dry Cleaners of Albuquerque
Our Services

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Specialty Work
  • Wedding Gowns
  • Repairs and Alterations
  • Laundering and Finishing
  • Starch Options
  • Leather and Suede
  • Drapery Services
  • Special Event Work
  • Business to Business

Our Services Our Services- These Are just a few of the specialized services we provide.
We offer quick turn around when necessary. We are also properly equipped and staffed to handle large orders and request. Providing the same quality service.

Fitting available when necessary.

Specialty Cleaning and Special Event Work
We have done more ballet costumes
than any other dry cleaning in town.

  • Numerous Pope Joy Productions
  • TV and movie productions
  • Concert and stage plays
  • Business to business
  • Restaurant and catering attire
  • School costumes and uniforms
  • Business pick up and delivery
  • Medical, health and wellness centers -
    uniforms, gowns, lab coats, etc.
  • Automotive services ? uniforms and work clothes
Starch Options
  • No starch
  • Light starch
  • Medium starch
  • Heavy starch
  • Extra heavy starch
Laundering and Finishing
  • Shirts Blouses Pants, Dresses, Caps
  • Wash and fold service
  • Creased shirts and pants
  • None creased shirts and pants
  • Flat or creased press and pleated
  • Spreads comforters, quilts ? including down
  • Table cloths
  • Hems and cuffs
  • Sleeves
  • Zippers ? repaired or replaced
  • Lining ? repaired or replaced
  • Seams taken in or let out.
  • From minor repairs to major alterations
  • Repairing - Cleaning - Pressing ? Pleating
  • Take down and re ? installed if desired
Wedding Gowns
  • Expertly cleaned and pressed
  • Altered when necessary
  • Preservation and boxing available
  • All done on premises